Andrew Radford Butler
(Actor / Writer)
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  • THEATER - Comfort Dogs in Prelude Festival

    October 7, 2014

    I will be performing in a half-hour excerpt of William Burke's Comfort Dogs: Live from the Pink House at Prelude 2014 on Thursday October 9th at 7:30 pm in the Segal Theater. More details here. The show is free! Just show up a little early to be sure you get in. 

    The show is a concert given by abandoned therapy dogs who are grappling with their new existence in the form of a concert. I sing, I play guitar, I howl, I speak, it's a very different show with a lot of heart.

  • THEATER - The Universe is a Small Hat

    September 20, 2014

    I'm performing in a new work of participatory musical-theater by a fellow member of Ars Nova's Uncharted writers group, César Alvarez; directed by Sarah Benson. The show is called The Universe is a Small Hat, and it's a musical you experience as a role-playing game. Audience members assume a version of their self that lives 100 years in the future, boarding a space ship to found a new human civilization on a distant planet. I play a sentient humanoid artificial intellegence who works and lives alongside the humans on board, helping them to learn about their new life and fulfill their new role in creating our new society. It's a beautiful and totally unique experience. There are several performances scattered across the fall. More details and the schedule can be found here:

  • THEATER - WAR LESBIAN with harunalee

    September 20, 2014

    Next week harunalee is having our first read-through of our next project, a musical called WAR LESBIAN. Jordan Fein is directing the show, which we are developing on commission for Dixon Place, where we are in residence this fall. The play is by Kristine Haruna Lee with music by Kathryn Hathaway. I'm looking forward to reading the role of a dissaffected beached whale across from Erin Markey!

  • WEB SERIES - Episode 3 of 'No Place Else To Go'

    September 14, 2014

    I spent a rainy Sunday in Bushwick shooting an episode of No Place Else To Go. There are just a few more pick-ups left to finish out shooting episode three of the web series, which stars Blake Lowell as a hapless young man who inherits a building in Brooklyn. I play Damien, an eccentric artist who lives in the basement. Episode 3 revolves around the disposal of a dead cat. Take a look at my instagram feed for a (rather dramatic) photograph from the cemetary where we shot the central scene. 

  • THEATER - The Dixon Family Album at The Williamstown Theater Festival

    August 8, 2014

    My new musical at The Williamstown Theater Festival, The Dixon Family Album, is performing this weekend! Over the past two and a half months, Anna Kerrigan (The Talls, Five Days Gone) and I have been writing (and rewriting) furiously to create a full length, two-act musical with director Jordan Fein and eight members of WTF's Non-Eq Acting Company. We're very excited to present this first ever workshop production of the show. You can read more about The Dixon Family Album over on my projects page.


    June 25, 2014

    I finally got around to posting some recordings of music from Dracula, Or The Undead, the show I composed for at Williamstown last summer. You can listen to a sampling of sounds and songs from the show (and a couple of tunes I recorded that went unused) on my SoundCloud by clicking on this embedded player! My favorites are Trance-lyvania, Dracula's Song, and Not Dracula's Song

  • THEATER - The Upper Room in The Ice Factory Festival

    June 24, 2014

    I play a comically old man in Rady&Bloom's new show, The Upper Room, opening tomorrow night in The New Ohio Theater's Ice Factory Festival. I get to sing some incredible music by the very talented composer/performer Catherine Brookman. Wed-Sat at 7pm! Come and check it out. More details here.

  • THEATER - There's A House at Vineyard Arts Project

    June 23, 2014

    I'm super excited to be spending a week this summer at the Vineyard Arts Project on Martha's Vineyard for a workshop of There's A House, a new musical by Shaina Taub and Kim Rosenstock, directed by Carolyn Cantor. They're writing the show for a commission from The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. You can check out further details here. I'm a huge fan of all three of the incredible artists heading up this project and am thrilled to get to be a part of the life of this show. 


    June 22, 2014


    I just did a little guest spot on upcoming webseries SECUROCAM3000 by Andy Zou and Jay Eisenberg.It's about a couple of dudes in the future whose job it is to moniter everything that's happening in the world via bajillions of live-feed cameras. It's very very silly, and was a pleasure to jump into. You can read more about the project on their Kickstarter page here



  • MUSIC/THEATER - Selected for The Rhinebeck Writers' Retreat

    May 26, 2014

    My Finn the Fearless co-creator Andrew Farmer and I have been selected to spend a week at The Rhinebeck Writers' Retreat! We'll finish off the summer with a well-supported week of writing in a lovely house upstate, the perfect way to dive back into Finn after both being away for our respective summer gigs! You can read more about our show over on my Projects page. The following event on the calendar for Finn is a concert at Ars Nova sometime in December! 




  • MUSIC/THEATER - WTF Workshop of The Dixon Family Album

    May 22, 2014

    I just spent an exciting week with our cast for this summer's workshop and production of The Dixon Family Album at the Williamstown Theater Festival. The show was awarded the 2014 Sagal Fellowship, meaning we are writing it for a cast of 8 non-equity actors to be workshopped, staged and performed for four performances over two nights this summer. You can read more about The Dixon Family Album over on my Projects page. Between now and July 16th, when we start rehearsals up at Williamstown, I'll be working non-stop on music and lyrics for this two-act musical. 

  • THEATER - The Upper Room in The Ice Factory Festival

    May 15, 2014

    I'm excited to be performing in a new show by Rady&Bloom Playmaking Collective. The Upper Room will have performances 6/25-6/28, as a part of a festival whose lineup that has yet to be announced (so I can't say where it is yet!) Here's what RADY&BLOOM have to say about the show:

    "With THE UPPER ROOM, RADY&BLOOM tackles extreme devotion and the very real dangers of global warming and sea-level rise. Scored with new vocal and electronic music by composer/performer Catherine Brookman, THE UPPER ROOM incorporates tropes of play, choral concert, and congregation. Quirky small town characters and zany supernatural tales resonate sharply in contrast with an earnest spirituality, and the suffering of our ailing planet.

    THE UPPER ROOM was inspired by extraordinary real-life experiences during Hurricane Sandy, tall family tales of mermaids, selkies, and Nordic priests, scenes from neo-gothic literature, and an attention to modern ecology. 

    The play centers around the devout followers of an influential environmentalist priest named Anders who started a new utopian community, farming and praying on a remote mid-Atlantic island. Three generations deep, and the sea level is now risen to such an extent that their lodge is in danger of falling from a crumbling clifftop. The same cliff from which Anders' own wife fell years ago. They never found her body. Some believe that she had miraculously metamorphosed in the water. With Anders’ passing and their land-area diminishing, these may be the very last Sundays when they will all gather around the table in the upstairs room and pray, at the mercy of the Lord."

  • WEBSERIES - No Place Else To Go

    May 4, 2014

    This weekend I was on camera for the pilot episode of webseries No Place Else To Go. It follows the misadventures of a somewhat helpless, hapless guy who inherits a building in Brooklyn, making him the de facto super/owner/manager. I play Damien, an eccentric writer who lives in the basement. Damien quickly befriends the protagonist and in his own unusual way helps him out of various jams. The production timeline is still TBA, but we've got one in the can, so we're off to a good start! 

  • MUSIC/THEATER - Sagal Fellowship at the Williamstown Theater Festival

    April 6, 2014

    Along with my creative partners, book-writer Anna Kerrigan and director Jordan Fein, I'm excited to be a Sagal Fellow at the Williamstown Theater Festival this summer. Anna, Jordan and I will be working with a group of 8 non-equity actors to create a new musical, for which I'm writing lyrics and music. The show will then get a full black-box production for two nights, four performances in early August. The working title of the show is The Dixon Family Album. It follows the 1967 rise and 1997 reunion of a family band as they strive and fail to be the picture-perfect family they perform for the public. 


  • THEATER - Comfort Dogs in CATCH61

    April 5, 2014

    I'm reprising my role in a new showing of William Burke's work-in-progress Comfort Dogs as a part of the critically lauded performance series CATCH. The show includes new works by a slew of amazing artists. It'll be at The Invisible Dog on 4/19 at 8pm. Tickets are $15 at the door. More information is available here.

  • THEATER - Dog Gone Day at Danspace

    March 19, 2014

    My collaboration with playwright/performer Kristine Haruna Lee, Dog Gone Day, received an invitation to perform an excerpt at Danspace's Food For Thought performance series on April 5th. Come see Kristine and I as a bizarre married couple burdned with an attic full of memories, ghosts, and a particularly troubling bathtub. This will be our first show billed under our new company name harunalee. 

    Details here:

  • MUSIC/THEATER - Ars Nova's Uncharted 2014 Kickoff Concert!

    February 24, 2014

    My collaborator Andrew Farmer and I performed five songs from our musical storytelling show, Finn the Fearless, for a packed crowd at Ars Nova tonight. We're writing Finn in Ars Nova's Uncharted music/theater writers' group for the next TWO YEARS, which is an incredible opportunity. We were blown away by our group-mates' work in the concert and can't wait to get a glimpse into their worlds over the next couple of years of monthly meetings. 

  • THEATER - Comfort Dogs in Little Theater at Dixon Place

    February 17, 2014

    I had the pleasure this evening of performing in the first ever showing of a new play with music by William Burke called Comfort Dogs. We presented about 15 minutes of material at the Obie winning new works series Little Theater at Dixon Place. William is a graduate of Mac Wellman's MFA Playwrighting program at Brooklyn College. He first came to know me through my work with Kristine Haruna Lee. It was a blast to learn and perform and hopefully it will have a future life!

  • THEATER - Performing in Fresh Ground Pepper

    January 17, 2014

    My partner in Ars Nova's Uncharted group, Andrew Farmer, and I will be performing a song from the show we're creating together at Fresh Ground Pepper Birthday on Monday 1/20 at The Culture Project. Fresh Ground Pepper is an awesome organization that creates performance and development opportunities for emerging artists. This will be the first ever performance of material we've written for the project, currently titled Finn the Fearless.

  • MUSIC/THEATER - Joining Ars Nova's Uncharted Writers' Group

    January 15, 2014

    I'm very excited to have been invited to join the music/theater writing group at one of my favorite theaters, Ars Nova! I will be working on a new musical with my writing partner Andrew Farmer over the next two years, alongside a small group of other writers and composers.

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