Andrew Radford Butler
(Actor / Writer)
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  • VOICE OVER - How To Turn On A Feminist

    January 12, 2014

    I recorded a voice-over for a how-to video parody by my sketch comedy group PoliSub. 

  • THEATER - One Minute Play Festival

    January 1, 2014

    I was invited to join the cast of NYC's first One Minute Play Festival, being presented in association with New Georges. I'll be part of the cast of a group of ten one-minute plays directed by Portia Krieger, part of an evening of FIFTY SIX 60 second plays at INTAR theater on January 13th & 14th at 8pm.

    I first met Portia while I was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theater Festival about 7 years ago, and our paths have crossed around Ars Nova (where she was the 2013 Director In Residence) several times the past few years, so I'm excited to have an opportunity to work with her! 

    Tickets available here.

  • COMEDY - Little Drummer Boy Sketch

    December 19, 2013

    I play Emma's snarky brother in PoliSub's holiday gift-giving sketch. I also shot this one, as well as editing and directing alongside Preston Martin! My favorite part of the sketch is Preston and Jenna at the very end, it's worth waiting for.

  • THEATER - PILGRIM Reading in FGP Playground

    December 10, 2013

    I'm looking forward to performing in the first reading of a new musical by the incredible folk-singer-songwriter Hugh Trimble and his writing partner/director Max Freedman. The show is a theatricalized story-telling peice following remembrences of Hugh's encounters with a wayfaring busker named Roy Pilgrim. The songs are gorgeous and I can't wait to share them as a part of Fresh Ground Pepper's Playground performance series this coming Monday at 7pm at the Bushwick Starr!

  • THEATER - Dog Gone Day in Little Theater at Dixon Place

    December 9, 2013

    Kristine Haruna Lee and I premiered a brand new 15 minute "playlet" at the OBIE award winning performance series Little Theater at Dixon Place tonight. Kristine was invited to create something new for the series, and she asked if I wanted to make something together. What resulted was a totally weird, funny, sad couple dealing with memories of childhood and children via the perhaps haunted bathtub in their attic. The peice was well-received, and we expect to continue working on the show, perhaps expanding it to something larger! 

  • MUSIC - Performing in Shaina Taub's Songbook Concert at Ars Nova

    December 8, 2013

    I had the pleasure and honor of performing a song by my dear (and wildly talented) friend Shaina Taub at her Ars Nova Uncharted show tonight. The evening was a concert of Shaina's songs performed by an incredible collection of singers, including a huge chunk of the cast of Natasha, Peirre & The Great Comet of 1812 (in which Shaina is currently performing). I sang There's A House, self-accompanied on guitar. It's an incredible tune from the musical she's writing on a commission from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 

  • COMEDY - KRAIF with PoliSub

    December 4, 2013

    I shot, co-directed, edited and appear in the newest PoliSub sketch, titled What's In KRAIF Mac-N-Cheese? I think it turned out great! 

  • COMEDY - Janksgiving Anthem Video

    November 25, 2013

    This week's PoliSub video is about making the best of the Thanksgiving you've got, even if it's a little Janky. I was part of the writing team on this one, and am also one of featured performers!

  • COMEDY - Belfies Are Selfies Of Your Butt

    November 17, 2013

    I wrote this song for Political Subversities' YouTube channel PoliSub. It's a Bon Iver parody about "Belfies" which are photos you post on social media of your own butt. (You can thank Kim Kardashian for that trend.) I also co-directed and edited the video, as well as composing and recording the music. It's been posted on College Humor, PopDust, and a whole bunch of radio station websites!

  • THEATER - BYUIOO Finishes Run With Packed Houses

    November 16, 2013

    My first show with the award-winning Pipeline Theatre Company wrapped up tonight with two back-to-back sold out shows. BYUIOO, by Nate Weida, was an incredible experience and a uniquely beautiful show. The gospel-folk gibberish musical racked up exclusively positive reviews from NY theater bloggers, and more importantly, from the folks who heard about the show and stuck around afterwards to tell us how much they were moved (and bewildered) by it. 

    A few quotes from reviewers:

    “…I loved every semi-nonsensical minute…The music itself was wonderful and would easily stand against just about anything appearing in Times Square right now…A truly enjoyable nightI may want to see it again.” - Marti Sichel, Woman Around Town

    one-of-a-kind…this musical gushes with palpable emotion…BYUIOO is brought to life by  an animated cast, along with vibrant, eclectic, folk gospel tunes.” - Kristin Tablang, Maxamoo

    “An energetic and imaginative tale inhabited by a gung-ho cast of uninhibited performers.” - Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz

    “BYUIOO is an innovative, ambitious musical…[and] proves…the power of music and actions on stage are enough to engage and to transport us.” – Angel Lam, Theatre is Easy

    “BYUIOO is a truly unique musical experience…Featuring a rousing score and lyrics by Nate Weida…and brilliant direction from Andrew Neisler, BYUIOO shows a theatre company at the top of its game…The entire cast is remarkable…” – Jose Solis, StageBuddy

    A compelling and most unusual musical…Wish I knew their word for ‘Bravo!’“ - Howard Miller, Talkin Broadway

  • WEB - Co-Star Role In New Web Series Pilot

    November 14, 2013

    I just accepted a role in a new web series pilot, set to shoot in mid-December. I'll be playing Damien, an eccentric and profoundly sincere artist who lives in the basement of the building our hapless protaganist unexpectedly comes to own and manage. The show will be called No Place Else To Go. More details to come!

  • THEATER - BYUIOO Is Up And Running

    November 4, 2013

    I'm currently performing in BYUIOO, a folk-gospel musical by Nate Weida at the Gym At Judson. We opened on Halloween to a sold-out house and have been going steady since. We've had a few great reviews and lots of lovely feedback about the show, which features 15 performers singing (and speaking) their hearts out in a made-up language. It's a curious show, and incredibly beautiful. This is my first production with Pipeline Theatre Company, but director Andrew Neisler is a long-time collaborator. 

    We run Wed-Sat at 8pm, plus Saturdays at 11pm, until Novemeber 16th!

    For more info click here.

  • VOICE OVER - Boy Scout Rock-Toppler Sketch

    October 24, 2013

    I wrote and directed this video with my musical-sketch comedy group PoliSub. I also recorded the V.O. for the video on my new condensor mic! (It's an AKG Perception 220, running through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 in-box to my iMac.) I'm excited to do more recording from home now that I have some equipment!

  • THEATER - WTF Non-Equity Showcase

    October 21, 2013

    Tonight was the Williamstown Theatre Festival Non-Equity Showcase at Playwrights Horizons!  It was well attended and I'm incredibly proud of our company for putting on such a fun show with such a generous spirit. Here's the promo video we made for the showcase. (I wrote and directed it with one of the other non-eqs!)

  • COMEDY - New PoliSub Video: "SHUT IT DOWN"

    October 17, 2013

    I wrote, composed, recorded audio, sang for, directed, shot and edited this new video from my musical-sketch comedy group PoliSub. It was many a late-night hour of work to try and get it out before the goverment shutdown ended... but fortunately for the country Congress beat us to the punch. I finished it and we got it up within 24 hours of the government re-opening. I'm super proud of this one!

  • COMMERCIAL - Spec Commercial For Seamless

    October 5, 2013

    I shot a spec commercial for Seamless today! I submitted for the role last week, was seen two days ago, and today we shot it! I play the only character in the spot, a confident guy dancing his way through the creation of an elaborate dinner... except he blows up his kitchen... because he doesn't know how to cook. (He should have ordered delivery on Seamless!) It was fun day in which I made a seriously fun mess and did a ton of dancing with kitchen utensils. Here's a photo of me post exploding-kitchen!


  • FILM - Reading of "All the Ways"

    September 27, 2013

    I'm doing a reading of a screenplay by Asher Novek this weekend. Asher and I met working on Straight Outta Tompkins (which I hear is finished and being shopped to distributors and submitted to festivals!) and he invited me to play several small roles in this reading hosted by the Not Just Three New Plays Festival at the Paradise Factory on East 4th Street. 

  • THEATER - BYUIOO with Pipeline Theatre Company

    September 19, 2013

    I'm way excited to have started rehearsals for BYUIOO, a folk-gospel musical based on the Jungle Book. The music in this show is INCREDIBLE. The writer/composer of the show, Nate Weida, is blowing my mind with every new song we learn. It's being directed by Andrew Neisler, with whom I've worked pretty continuously over the past four years in Political Subversties and Folk Wandering. It's being produced by Pipeline Theatre Company, who ran into some critical success with their last production, Clown Bar, also directed by Mr. Neisler. The cast is stellar and I'm excited to whisper and wail through this beautiful show at the Judson Gym, opening October 31st and running through November 16th. Check out all the details here.

  • THEATER - Drunkfish Oceanrant at Prelude Festival '13

    September 18, 2013

    Today we started rehearsals on Kristine Haruna Lee's Drunkfish Oceanrant, after closing her show Plum de Force just a week and a half ago at The Bushwick Starr. (The run was great! We packed the houses and even got some great press!) I play a mermaid J-Pop star who unexpectedly returns to her struggling sea-life friends on the occurance of an encounter with the biggest radio hit on the waves, Fukushima. The show borrows the structure of a traditional Japanese Rakugo as told by a drunken fisherman and mashes it up with genre-shifting abusrdity, drag, bouffon, and J-Pop music videos manifested live on stage. 

    Drunkfish going up at Prelude Festival '13 on Oct. 3rd at 4pm. The show will premiere at LaMaMa in 2014! 

  • COMEDY - New PoliSub Video "Boners Are Babies Too"

    September 17, 2013

    I wrote this pro-life PSA parody for PoliSub more than a year ago, but we just now turned it into a video starring me and Kim Blanck. 

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