Finn The Fearless

Finn The Fearless

Book by Andrew Farmer

Music/Lyrics by Andrew R. Butler

Once there was a weird little fella from up north named Finn who wanted to feel his heart race. So he trekked on down to the most devilish, hair-raising and humid pit known to man; a little place called...Florida. Told through tall tales, lively Americana music and gator wrestling, Finn the Fearless uses our nation's most confounding state to frame a story about our species' most confounding emotions: fear and love.

This project is currently seeking opportunities to workshop prodution elements and a shot at a full production. Materials are available for review.

Finn is an alumnus of Ars Nova's '2014/15 Uncharted music/theater writers' group. Finn has been developed in part at The Rhinebeck Writers' Retreat, the Aspen Theater Festival, and The Polyphone Festival at University of the Arts in Philadelphia.